About Us

The Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (MELTA) has been organising an annual ELT research conference since 2011. The conference is a flagship event of MELTA’s Research and Development Bureau.

The conference was initially convened to support postgraduate students at Malaysian institutions of higher learning who were pursuing their studies in the area of ELT. The aim was to provide postgraduate students with a platform to come together and discuss their work and receive feedback from a panel of academics and experienced researchers.

Over the years, the conference has evolved to further include presentations by academics and teacher educators, teachers, and student teachers who wished to share their research with the wider ELT community.

The conference follows a unique format where presenters share their research with a panel of reviewers through poster presentations. The feedback will provide presenters with a greater sense of direction for future studies in their areas of interest.

For the first time, this annual conference will be convened through an online platform. Delegates who submit extended abstracts and e-posters will have their work evaluated by a panel of international reviewers who will assess and provide constructive feedback. Winning proposals will receive gold, silver and bronze awards in recognition of contributions to advancing English language education through research.     

Conference Objectives

The main objectives of this conference are as follows:

  1.  To support the sharing and advancement of knowledge in English Language Education through research
  2. To provide researchers in the field of English Language Education a platform to discuss their research with peers who share a common interest in similar areas
  3. To provide academics, teacher educators, teachers, postgraduate students and student teachers with access to feedback from a panel of international experts in the field of ELT so that they may further their research activities
  4. To provide a platform for conference delegates to collaborate and network with researchers working in similar areas of English Language Education

The Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (MELTA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit professional organisation. Tracing its roots to 1958, it is the oldest English Language Teaching association in Malaysia which continues to be guided by its constitutional aim of advancing English language education.
MELTA is deeply committed towards supporting the continuous professional development of English language teachers, in line with national goals and aspirations. The association also strives to represent its members on both national and international platforms as it offers views on national education policies and serves as a collaborator to realise shared aspirations which safe-guard the well-being of students, educators and the nation.

The English Language Teaching Centre, Ministry of Education Malaysia is an institution under the Ministry of Education (MOE), Malaysia. ELTC offers professional development courses and programmes to in-service English language teachers, lecturers and professionals such as School Improvement Specialist Coaches (SISC+), State English Language Trainers and English Subject Panel Heads as well as officers from the Divisions of the MOE.